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Written notes scroll automatically with the audio to help the content sink in.

Study at your own pace

Don't understand? Listen again. Heard this topic before? Skip it. Press a lecture note to instantly listen to the specific content you need.

Key terms explained

Don’t understand a key word the lecturer keeps using? Just press the word to read its explanation. In English and Chinese.

Built for crammers

Last hour before the exam? Speed up to 1.5x or 2x speed to cram that content in.

Links to multiple choice

Want to make sure you’ve learnt it? Press “Multiple Choice” for instant questions and answers.

Mandarin support

学如登山! So if you’re finding the English a bit too challenging, just press a button to read your whole course in 普通話!

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Did you sit your driving exam without driving a car ?
So why sit an exam without answering questions?
Practice makes perfect. We'll give you practice.


Don't want to leave it all to the last minute? Let ME organise your study.
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